a desire to write & a love to read

There are all kinds of reasons why we enjoy reading books– the chance to enter into a new world, to respond to another viewpoint, or simply just to learn some new information.  There are all kinds of ways that we react to reading a new book too, most driven by the personal experience that the book provides.  I have always loved reading and everything about books in general.  I like physically holding them, the pages showing the progress I’ve made as I get through it, and yes even the way that the pages smell.  Describing my love for books sounds extremely nerdy, but reading has always provided an escape that I long for.  Not just to seek entertainment, but the ability to analyze the creation of another.  Sometimes I might be a little too easy to impress, but I have a deep appreciation for the ways in which an author chooses to tell a story and their decision of how to craft a particular sentence.  It also excites me that all readers can be provided with something different from their own experience of reading a book. 

Due to a new internship, I’ve recently found myself being immersed in the world of self-publishing.  It is an area that I had never been too familiar with before.  As most are aware of, book publishing has seen a drastic shift, not only from print to electronic formats, but with a large number of authors choosing their own route of publishing over the former traditional publishing houses.  Many authors agree that this transition has been long overdue, and that the new trend has been somewhat liberating.  As a reader, I agree that the ability to create your own work for publication is exciting, with new authors being provided with an opportunity that they might not otherwise have been given.  As I learn the ins and outs of self-publishing through my own experience in the field, I hope to be able to better guide other authors in their own journey.  Hopefully this blog will provide some insight into all the details of the publishing world, giving new authors an opportunity to provide those experiences that readers long for by reading quality books. 

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