don’t let writer’s block be your excuse

Last week I encountered an author who had delayed writing her book for an entire year.  “Writer’s block!” she exclaimed.  It is real, writer’s block does happen.  Because of it this author’s frustration had grown so much that she allowed the process of her book to come to a screeching halt.  Most of the writer’s I’ve heard from have experienced this phenomenon in one way or another, but it’s really up to the author how they will go about handling it.  One should never allow writer’s block to be an excuse for not writing.


 The key is to leave your computer, pen or paper behind, but keep your mind in that writing mode.  Allow yourself to have a break from writing, while engaging yourself in activities that will stimulate and shape your writing process.  This writer explains 23 tips that don’t involve writing that will do just that—give you a break without taking off your thinking cap.

tumblr_lxsa87a5Nm1qd9a66o1_500Reading someone else s work, observing others through a little people-watching or getting in some outdoor exercise are a few that I found to be the most effective.  Updating your website or blog is another great activity that can give you a break on the writing yet further your marketing goals.

Let yourself use these activities for the break you deserve, but in moderation.  Quick intervals will keep you away from that procrastination fever that can easily take control.  Don’t let the “I-should-be-writing-but-I’d-rather-be-doing-something-else” thought turn into your writer’s block!

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