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Getting Started

“You need to ask yourself three questions about your collection” 1.  How many copies do I need? 2.  How do I want it to look? 3.  How much am I willing to spend? -Dan Taylor, independent author Advertisements

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author’s corner: words from an expert

Networking—connecting or linking to operate interactively—a term becoming more familiar to each of us as we continue to learn and experience its reaping benefits.  Recently I’ve been informed that 80% of people placed in a new career have landed the … Continue reading

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don’t let writer’s block be your excuse

Last week I encountered an author who had delayed writing her book for an entire year.  “Writer’s block!” she exclaimed.  It is real, writer’s block does happen.  Because of it this author’s frustration had grown so much that she allowed … Continue reading

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How self-publishing works

As mentioned, the focus of my blog is to provide some insight for writers who might be considering publishing their own work.  As someone who is new to self-publishing, I claim no expertise on the topic, but would instead like … Continue reading

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Highly Anticipated Indie Books of 2013 In the spirit of a new self publishing trend, I’ve often found myself searching around to find some of these well-known titles written by independent authors.  This list is proof enough that writers are … Continue reading

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